DBD 10-22-2020: SwanSwans can float and stretch their necks down, but they cannot dive.
Because no one asked for it, the non-thrilling end to our best-case hypothetical 2020 football season.
DBD 10-21-2020: Beginner runningRunning for beginners starts off with shorter distances and lower intensity. You should ease into it otherwise you are apt to hurt yourself.
Wishing Curley a speedy recovery!
Rob Hwang
California-Stanford will kick off at 1 p.m. Pacific
Rick Chen
One of the biggest regrets for this semi-lost 2020 season for Cal is the immense amount of talent the Bears will enjoy up front on the offensive line. …
DBD 10-20-2020: StockingIt’s mid-October, which means retailers are stocking up for Christmas.
The Bears have to replace key performers at every level of the defense, but there are enough veterans back to have confidence.
Nick Kranz
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