DBD 05-20-2022: ProcrastinationWelcome to the Daily Bear Dump, a community board where we talk about Cal and other things. With which task are you procrastinating?
Can never have enough beef
DBD 05-19-2022: PicnicPicnic comes from the 17th century French terms “pique” (to pick or peck at) and “nique” (a trifle)… basically snacking on small things. The Fre…
Division titles no longer matter
Cal lead Utah by a game for the final tournament berth entering the series
DBD 05-18-2022: PriorityWelcome to the Daily Bear Dump, a W4C community bulletin board where you can talk about pretty much anything. What’s the #1 on your list of thin…
Cal freshman Alekna breaks his own collegiate record
DBD 05-17-2022: GianniniThis is Giannini Hall - built in the 1930s and named after Amadeo P. Giannini. Amadeo was born in San Jose in 1870 to farmers who had 40 acres o…
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