So you're saying there's a chance?

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Must win?! What advantages would an additional win or 2 do for the season? I could see if we were on the bubble. What would it take to bring on a new coach? Would going 0-fer the rest of the season do it? If so, maybe it's best they don't win another game. Obviously, it sucks for the kids playing hard and the possibility of losing players...but that may happen if a new coach were brought in anyway. Apologies for being a nega-bear...but this season is over!

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Looking at the stats, looks like OSU is poor defensively

Last game we locked down Lucas, and we need to do that again. The other player who can hurt us is Alatishe. I see a role for 2K to try to defend him, although 2K is not a strong rebounder

And then there is Silva which could be a major problem

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the health of their center is key. He played limited minutes in our first game, but has slowly increased his minutes. Not good we are playing without Kelly

it would really be depressing if we finish last, so yeah, this is a must win for many reasons ... Lars has played surprisingly well the last two games. The game vs stanford is understandable as they don't have a good center, but last game too against a more mobile player

But the OSU center is a different matter. Big and strong and a scorer

If Lars can handle him this could be a win

If Lars is sitting on the bench with fouls we will have to double him and you know what that means!

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