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Thanks Alex.

Watched the 1H of Cleveland St. as they battled the gritty Norse of N. Kentucky on the road....I am 100% convinced that based on his offensive scheme alone, Dennis Gates would have this same Cal team a tad more competitive, despite the talent deficit. Like the Bears, Sheriff has a team light on consistent shooters, but everyone can run the floor, and the spacing is something we haven't come close to seeing from Fox.

This SC game is probably what we can expect from Cal during the Fox regime, however long it lasts...tough, hard fought games v. more talented teams, that end in L's by just a few plays/possessions...

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This game was a blue print of what Fox wants. So, credit to the players for executing it to the best of their ability. Clearly Fox has to let some of the younger players get more minutes. Like NOW. As good as the team looked today, I'm still not a fan of Fox. I don't like much about him and he is, to my observation, the only PAC12 coach that stands ON the court while play is going on. He comes across, to me, as a bully and petulant child all wrapped up in one.

I believe Kelly's injury was in the ankle area and not the knee.

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I remain convinced that Fox is not using Kuany properly...a long, 6’9” athletic player with quickness, hops and a 7’ wingspan SHOULD be making more of an impact, on the offensive glass, of course, but especially on D.

Instead, he spends a majority of time either getting back on D as soon as a Cal shot goes up, or he’s chasing shorter 2 guards around in half-court sets.

It just seems a more imaginative coach would be able to make better use of a weapon such as this.

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Kelly could definitely score over Mobley, and when SC brought a double he kicked out at just the right time.

Cal then shot the ball or rotated to the side the help defender vacated

Cal has that play down when ever Kelly can take his man

Not so easy with ucla when Cody was able to defend Kelly himself

Therefore Kelly is the key to our offense and if he’s hurt prospects for the rest of the games goes to life support

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