Those line graphs are exquisitely uninformative…the PAC 12 truly makes no sense

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What a weird season. And Cal has fallen to it's worst performance since 2013

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Mine, before looking.

1. Oregon. Still doing enough to win, and not much more.

2. Utah. That was...definitive, even if it wasn't much of an opponent.

3. ASU. Back on track against the hapless Trojans.

4. UCLA. Their body of work this year is still better than anyone below them except maybe Wazzu.

5. Wazzu.

6. Oregon State. Another poor defensive performance.

7. Cal. Did well to stay in the game given nearly half the team wasn't available.

8. Washington. Good running teams are a bad matchup for them.

9. SC. Offense is lame without London, defense is just lame.

10. Furd. Pretty bad with McKee, atrocious without him.

11. Colorado. Offense finally on track, but they still haven't done enough to jump even Furd.

12. Zona. They won...a squeaker, at home, against half a team, at 90 degrees.

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