Remember when Desean Jackson returned that punt against Tennessee? That was fun

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I'm waiting on pins and needles for news and analysis of the coaching changes. Whose doing what and what might it mean? We've all read before that the quality of special teams in college depends a lot on your depth. If you have 3 deep of quality at LB then you have big fast bodies to play ST. Cal hasn't had this quality depth much in the past few years. Other than the skill players, we need big fast strong dudes on ST.

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Jan 10, 2022·edited Jan 10, 2022


"Early in the season, special teams plays directly impacted three different close losses. Later in the season, the performance of the unit improved, though their performance was often overshadowed in games where the final score wasn’t close enough for the unit to stand out."

Great stat. Shows we would have had a better chance to win up to three more games (and a winning record) with better special team play and thus how important special teams can be.

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