Really good write from an Arizona fan perspective. Biggest issue is run defense, that other LB position, and depth.

Only critique is that Jaxen Turner has been mostly *really* good this year. Actually leads the Pac-12 safeties in PFF grades: https://twitter.com/WestCoastCFB/status/1572439875856760834?s=20&t=itCZIA5VXBk4USWmHmsYYA

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Sep 22, 2022·edited Sep 22, 2022

I hope we get back to running more frequently, albeit with successful blocking. Come to think of it, we have not been especially dominant in that area even against Davis and UNLV, relying on the elusiveness of Ott to create even when the holes are not there. Plummer (not sure) may have the longest run from scrimmage this season, or maybe DeCarlos Brooks did. Anyway at that position outside of Ott and a couple of Brooks runs against Notre Dame we have not been explosive. Not sure what happened to Damien Moore who may be third string at the moment. But overall I am not that sanguine that the run game will be effective, but hopefully we can get over 200 yards rushing.

On the Arizona defense, like goBears49 I watched the end of the AZ-NDSU game. Zona was getting punished by the NDSU running game but suddenly stiffened in the 4th quarter which was a bit of a surprise.

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Of course we were down Garbers last season when we played Arizona but we could run against them last year. SDSU offense is similarly challenged and inept as Cals and Arizona shut them down. I imagine they will load the box up to stop the run and force Cal to prove they can pass protect to sustain drives. It will be ugly.

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