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Arizona fan here. Great write up!

- Luke, sadly, is likely out for Saturday's game.

- McLachlan is now on scholarship.

Arizona / Cal has produced some classics over the years. Hope this weekend is no exception.

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I am curious to see how De Laura fares against a non-rushing defense where he simply has to be a pocket passer against much better secondary talent than what he has faced this year. Some of the WR highlights involved some atrocious coverage and tackling. Sure, there will be some highlight plays, but hopefully we can force some mistakes and our secondary has opportunity for plenty of takeaways.

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Oklahoma fan here. I stumbled on this article looking for fantasy info, and I really enjoyed your analysis. You have me excited to watch the game. Well done.

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Another coin flip? This week let it be "heads."

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Tell us more about what you think of de Laura's driving lmao

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de Laura is a lot better than the Notre Dame QB as are most of the other quarterbacks Cal will face the rest of the year -- Nolan, Nix, Penix, Ward, Williams, Thompson-Robinson and McKee. They're all arguably better than Plummer, although Plummer isn't bad. The Pac-12 is really good this year. I think having to go to Arizona with half a team actually worked in Wilcox' favor. It gave the administration the idea that he was working with one hand tied behind his back, which is true to a certain extent.

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I watched the second half last week of Arizona playing FCS powerhouse North Dakota St., coming back in the fourth quarter with a win. Was really impressed with De Laura and Arizona. De Laura, with his scrambling all over the field, reminds me of Fran Tarkenton. Doubt there are many QB's in the country that scramble as much as he does, maybe none.

The Pac 12 may have the best overall QB's in the country.

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