C.H. -"It's going to take me the entire off-season to forget this one so that I can again delude myself into thinking that next year is definitely our year. Stop burning me out, Cal. Please."

No more mention or in print of that "game" or the team, Co....do, would be okay with me. Now with C-Prime on board, I will be over exposed in magnitude and frequency.

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I am still recovering from "Cal Loses Everything at Colorado". But hey, we have a new OC, plenty of time to get positive again about Cal Football for next season.

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022


I am impressed with Deion's swagger and confidence in bringing in top notch players. Didn't he just announce he's bringing in Jackson State's five star QB and others from that school? I'd say Colorado's going to win at least five games next season.

BTW, it's the time of the week to read the FCS football predictions. Sac. St. is supposed to lose a close one to Incarnate Word because they have the best QB in the FCS. On the FCS tournament show the Incarnate Word coach was speaking to how a team from his conference has a tough time just getting into the playoffs because of playing in a shitty conference. But Incarnate stood out so much they were seeded. Even if Sac. St. somehow wins, they will likely play NDST the next game who has a brute of a fullback. I think NDST has won nine of the last eleven FCS championships.


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