I think the Bears beat Colorado and an abysmal Stanford. I think we beat either Oregon and Washington to get to 6 wins.

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Oct 4, 2022·edited Oct 4, 2022

Okay, Around the Conference Table seems like the closest thing to our old Power Rankings, so I'm gonna leave this here...... (I'm not good at this, but I miss Power Rankings, so....)

1. Utah - Handily handled the turnover machine that is OSU, even taking their solid defense partway to the woodshed.

2. USC - I know ASU is a hot mess right now, but USC keeps rolling with their roster of mercenaries..... I mean portal transfers (yes, this is my jealousy coming through)

3. UCLA - 4-0 is 4-0; maybe UW is overrated, but not by THAT much.....

4. UO - #s 3 and 4 are tight here, but UCLA edges based on more consistency (see WSU and Georgia for the Dux)

5. WSU - showed UP against the Dux.....until they didn't. But holding their own.

6. OSU - fix the INTs and they are a solid team with solid leadership...... But fix the INTs......

7. UW - ranked above Cal because I'm still scared to play them. Penix is for real.

8. Cal - I think we can beat the OSU interception factory, but the rest above us......not a lot of confidence.

9. UA - Talented WRs and an (unpredictable) arm at QB land them above the rest.....

10. ASU - Hot mess, but with athletes......is still a hot mess, and with no coach

11. Furd - SOLID win over Colgate...... What does it take for Shaw's seat to get hot?

12. Colorado - No defense, and now their coach is gone, too..... sounds like a cold mess.....

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