Interesting that the win over Davis was so dominant that people presumably grading on an FCS curve gave Cal such high scores

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Awesome list; the decade itself wasn’t spectacular but damn there were some fun moments. In no particular order:

1. Cam Goode picking off Shea Patterson to ice the game against ole miss.

2. Vic breaking free against Texas to seal it (even if he did stop a little short)

3. That 2014 shootout in Pullman

4. Goff’s comeback against ASU in 2015

5. Weavs pick six against UDub

6. JK picking off Herbert in OT

7. Goff lowering his shoulder On 4th down against UDUb

8. James Looney stuffing Zack Moss at the goal line as the clock expired

9. The Rubenzer wildcat package that knocked off northwestern

10. Goff carving up air force in the armed forces bowl

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Excellent choices. My favorite was the USC win in 2018 with Patrick Laird getting that critical first down on 4th-and-1, which iced the game and led to Wilcox' fist pump.

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The AQI game was also the birth of #victoryformation and had reef betting TwistNHook $1million dollars that we would win (I think reef put up $1)

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Oh, that Bowers flip. I remember it gaining national attention, including on the r/cfb banner.

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Couldn't agree more that the 2018 Oregon State game is oh so forgettable. I still couldn't tell you anything that happened in that game.

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Great list. Only quibbles. Go Bears!

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