This time will be a win. No weird plays, please, or bad juju, (e.g. McIlwain turnovers) and certainly no hail mary's....


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Just read that having low recruiting classes does not necessarily predict bad teams. Here are the ranking in the Pac 12 for 2021 and earlier years in terms of recruiting for OSU per 247.

2021 – 12th, 2020 – 9th, 2019 – 10th, 2018 – 12th, 2017 – 11th, 2016 – 11th

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A side note about Sac. St. scores this season in looking at this year's FCS victories over FBS teams (the link) below shows those victories over several years.


Below is the list for those FCS over FBS victories so far this season. Here is the link showing such visctories over many seasons.

Sept. 2 UC Davis 19-17 Tulsa

Sept. 2 Eastern Washington 35-33 (2OT) UNLV

Sept. 3 South Dakota State 42-23 Colorado State

Sept. 4 Holy Cross 38-28 UConn

Sept. 4 Montana 13-7 No. 20 Washington

Sept. 4 East Tennessee State 23-3 Vanderbilt

Sept. 11 Duquesne 28-26 Ohio

Sept. 11 Jacksonville State 20-17 Florida State

Sept. 18 UIW 42-34 Texas State

Sept. 18 Northern Arizona 21-19 Arizona

Last weekend Sac. St. beat FCS Northern Arizona 44 - 0. As shown above Northern Arizona had this season beaten FBS Arizona.

I think two games ago Sac. St. beat then FCS #5 Montana at Montana, who had earlier this season beaten then FBS ranked No. 20 Washington at Washington. See Sac. St. schedule so far this year below.


Sac. St. is now ranked tied for #23 in FCS. They play #9 ranked UC Davis away their last game of the season. BTW, the FCS allows a large number of teams to get into their football playoffs, which take four or five weeks. So Sac. St. has a good chance of getting into those playoffs this season, even if they lose to UC Davis. Sac. St. make the FCS playoffs in 2019. They chose not to play in the 2020 season.


Just some examples showing FCS teams can be pretty good. One of those is this year's Sac. St. team.

May do an update later on how Sac. St. is doing if they continue to win.

Looking at the FCS victories over FBS teams over the years is pretty interesting reading

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Attended an Arizona game years ago when one of my daughters was checking it out for college (much too low for her). They have a phony noise meter that doesn't really measure noise but is handled to try get the crowd to make more noise. That's OK but was not OK is that they often did not turn it off until AFTER the visiting team, when they had the ball, had snapped the ball. Was totally unfair to that visiting team.

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I'm so happy it's not a night game in Tucson again

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