We are at the point of watching the death throes. Almost reading like a post mortem. I'm only watching these sites for the news of firing and new search. Much like waiting for your best friend to finally break up with his girlfriend. Just do it, buddy, and begin the healing process.

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Some thoughts...

I've thought all season that this was a collection of individuals rather than a team. Whenever anyone gets the ball, they look to score rather than looking for an open player. There are zillions of examples from games throughout the season, but one that sticks out from last night was around the 1:40 mark toward the end of the game when Newell had a two-on-one situation with Okafor wide open underneath the basket. Instead of passing to Okafor, Newell took a contested jumper and missed. Why not dump it off to Okafor for a dunk? The team never seemed to find the open man all season and instead kept tried to create something. I don't get the feeling that they're egotistical ball hogs; instead, they just haven't been coached to look for an open player...

The refs must have felt that they needed to get control of a game that was getting getting very chippy, especially that one ref who needed a technical himself. I will say that Okafor deserved one for knocking the ball out of the UW player's hand.

What happened to singing the alma mater before games? And, why doesn't the band strike up "Fight for California" when the team comes back out at the end of halftime?

On the other hand, both the dance and cheer teams have looked good this year. They're really crisp and coordinated. I have to applaud the new coach (and actually went and told her that at one of the women's games a few weeks ago).

It's Senior Day on Saturday: watch the women play at Colorado (11am start), and then head over the Haas to support the seniors. As much as we detest Fox, let's show some support for the seniors (and the rest of the team).

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Obviously Fox is not getting an extension no matter what happens. It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another to compound the mistake.

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How many unwatchable games have we had to deal with this season? I've lost count. Who is going to replace Fox? That's what I want to learn more about.

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