They stood around on both offense and defense. Five dopes.

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I usually reserve my projections till we finish the first half of pac-12 schedule

Surprised ducks swept the LAs. Impressive Altman always recruits a bunch of athletic pieces and makes them into a team by mid-year

Stanford and UW trending up

Others like WSU and Colorado steady as a high-middle team

At the bottom: ASU a mess. OSU’s outlook depends on the health of their center. If he can’t go more than 15 minutes a game I don’t see them rising

Cal’s success will depend on beating some middle/bottom teams at home, and stealing at least one road game

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Jan 17, 2022·edited Jan 17, 2022


For some reason I can't find the comment but someone wrote that the Pac 12 is ranked 6th in the Power 6 conferences (add to the football Power 5 the Big East Conference). Yes, it's true. Good article describing the current state (as of a week ago) of the six conferences.

Update -- see comments by bigaddi below on the Pac 12 being near the bottom of the Power 6 conferences which, again, is true.


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I still think playing Brown more would have been better than our backup PGs, although I like Sheperd at PG too, but this from Fox:

“It was a gamble. He hasn’t been with our team for seven days. He wasn’t in any meetings. He didn’t do any walkthroughs. He hasn’t shot a ball. He’s been locked in his apartment. And we just took a roll of the dice. It was ‘Can he just step in here and keep rolling?’ And you could tell he wasn’t ready and understandably so.”

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