Kelly obviously matters but this Stanford team is just not very good especially on offense. Despite beating USC twice, I’ve watched them in person twice and both times they’ve looked awful. They played at Santa Clara and were down by as much as 28 at one point in a beatdown. Then they played Dartmouth at home and were down as many as 13 and only got bailed out because Dartmouth couldn’t press break blowing a 7 point lead in the final minute to go to OT and lose. Stanford doesn’t have a ton of perimeter scoring especially if the defensive assignment and rotations are good. Like anyone else if they are open they’ll make them but with good defense they are meh. It’s Harrison Ingram, Jaden Delaire or bust for them.

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with Kelly I think we can win. without Kelly I think it is very doubtful

we have zero depth in the post, and Lars is a role player depending on match ups

we would therefore have to play Grant almost the entire game, and go small most of the game. yet Grant would be in danger of foul trouble, so wouldn't be able to be aggressive on defense, and even if he was, he won't be able to match up well

2K will have to take some of the load in the post, and we going small means Sam will get major minutes too

Need Foreman to repeat last game's contribution

Basically I don't see a win without Kelly unless everyone steps up, limits turnovers, maybe get some stanford players in foul trouble somehow, etc

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I hope Kelly can play, though that's probably doubtful. Anyway, the Bears have to find more weapons.

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