Positives: Shepherd was not a black hole; he made a point to facilitate more than the earlier games. Lars looks incrementally better coordinated, but in limited minutes. Brown is taking more shots and being aggressive on offense. He may make a jump this year.

Negatives: Grant still seems out of sync. For the 3rd year in a row, our defensive strategy is to collapse on the dribbler and leave the rest of the team open for a 3-point shot. This can't be what they're coaching. Outside of Grant/Andre/Joel/Shepherd, who is going to step into the starting minutes? We all want Kuany to be there, but should those minutes go to Celestine early on?

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Well that was really fun to watch. The team played like a team. They helped a lot, a lot of assists, and clearly play for each other. The defensive hustle is impressive. There is no arguing we don't have much top talent outside of Kelly, really, but it was great to see them play a good team and play hard and well. Nothing has changed for the prognosis of this team, but a win tonight sure felt good and it's reassuring that at least they give great effort and act together. Didn't do that under Wyking. That new kid plays defense like his hair is on fire. His pubic hair.

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