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May 18, 2023Liked by Ruey Yen

Cal Track was also present at the Texas Relays:


There was actual video coverage, about 3 hours per day over 4 days. I recorded it all and only this week watched Amari Turner and Skyler Magula in the women's and men's pole vault. Not sure if the other Cal competitors made it into the video or not. I have another 6 hours or so to watch!

For those of you who are old track and field fans like me, and maybe there is one of you, this Relays reminded me of the old West Coast Relays in Fresno. WCR is now high school only, but it used to attract athletes from all over the world. I worked the field crew as a high schooler, and got to meander among the big shots. Also ran in the shuttle hurdles.

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