One of the big questions I have about the offense this year is if we can run routes that take a bit more time to develop without going max protect

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I could ask some questions about Piotr's pass play route descriptions but will save it for perhaps another time.

What I want to get out of my system is a suggestion to reconsider what WFC (or W4C) is considering in terms of adding additional charges for viewers who want to get enhanced football coverage. I think another method should be considered first to raise additional revenue first.

I don't know know how many people view football articles and how much additional revenue is expected to be generated by offering a subscription to higher value football coverage, but I think dividing up football coverage between "basic" and "enhanced" could be very self defeating.

It seems that viewers of football coverage benefit from having as many people viewing the same coverage as possible so that more people can contribute comments regarding that single coverage and others everyone can benefit from reading it. And it could be that only a very few people will sign up for the enhanced coverage making for a very small group who could exchange views on it, I think not a very satisfying situation for those signees who want to exchange as many ideas, etc., with other viewers and get their responsive input.

As a result, I suggest that the WFC staff first consider adding a light level of advertising to both football (and other sports) coverage as well as the same level ads for DBD coverage. That could even be simple advertising that cannot be deleted (which should result in a higher advertising compensation rate to WFC than the same advertising that can be deleted from viewing by viewers, though I must admit I really have zero advertising experience. If those methods do not generate enough revenue that WFC thinks it needs, the volume of ads could later be increased to try to achieve that goal.

I think the method I have described is a good first method that should be used so that the entire WFC community has the same opportunity to see that same coverage and everybody can see all of the comments that the WFC community posts. Again, this would allow all readers of WFC to see all comments other viewers have posted.

If that revenue turns out to not be sufficient to the WFC brass, then later the method that is now seemingly in effect (while now in effect, hopefully it can be rescinded), can later be reimplemented to try to meet WFC revenue goals.

Thanks for your time. Looking forward to comments from other viewers.

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