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"[N]o quarterback battle."

Gee, not from where I sit.

Oregon's second string defense is likely as good or better than our first string. Moreover, do we know for certain it was second-stringers Kai was up against? Oregon desperately needs to make a case for the CFP, why would they take their foot off the gas?

Either way, maybe Kai does not have a long ball and, maybe, an opponent is usually caught off guard when up against a new, untested QB, but Kai sure as Hell looked good out there!

There is precedent for a two QB rotation. Why not? Honestly, at this point, what do we have to lose?

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JFC. We know we will lose with Plummer behind center. Not entirely his fault but he is a statue, and that is less than ideal with a porous line. Also not the greatest decision maker. Let’s play the guy with the bigger upside who we recruited out of high school.

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This was yet another thoroughly disappointing performance by the Bears. Granted, the Ducks are in another league, but the Bears offense was predictable and, for the most part, boring. The defense was put in the unenviable position of trying to stop a brilliant Duck offense without many of its starters. What is particularly annoying is that the Bears offensive showed nothing new, nothing innovative, nothing clever. Did the coaching staff really believe that the Bears could keep up with the Ducks without something 'up their sleeve,' so to speak? Not one fake punt, not one gimmick play, not one on-sides kick. Not even a hint of creativity. Sad.

One other thing: What's up with the band? While the Oregon band played throughout the game with enthusiasm and spirit, our musicians sat on their hands in the stands -- and not in any particularly attractive way. It looked like a fully dispirited group. Even when the Bears were truly putrid, we could always count on the band. I guess those days are long gone.

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For sure, upon myself finally seeing Kai in action for first time, I have similar positive views regardless of whatever stringers were opposing. If I were HC, I would not reveal much whether I intended starting him or otherwise inserting him in the next game.

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I see that this is a "Throw Out The Records" Big Game Year.

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