Fun fact that all Cal tries were scored by forwards (the big ugly guys that get into the scrum), and the three tries in the second half were scored one apiece by the front row.

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Yay! Go Bears!!!

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Apr 2, 2022·edited Apr 2, 2022


Always need to keep straight what rules are in play in determining "the national title holder" Not sure of the exact rules but it seems there are multiple definitions of "national title." Here are, I believe, a few.

1. Counting rugby, which the NCAA doesn't seem, at least in my memory, to grant to a rugby playoff champ.

2. Football national champion, where the NCAA has only acknowledge in the last twenty years or so, as belonging to one team unless you want to make a subjective determination, school by school, as to which team in is the national champion, resulting in most cases, multiple national champions.

3. Formally established NCAA rules as to who is a national champion.

4. There could be other definitions of which SINGLE TEAM in certain sports is a NCAA national champion.

I'm still learning these rules. There may be more and, if so, probably relating to different sports.

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