I agree with the insight from a - Former Oregon Assistant coach,

“ Cal - I think Cal is probably the best coached team in the Pag-12. I think year in

and year out Justin Wilcox does more with less, Overall they recruit

hard-nosed, intelligent kids and get them to play really hard. They play a sound

with superior scheme and coaching.”

We ask our players to trust the process. We should all be a little more Patient and trust our coaches and our players. We have all the pieces toughness and intelligence to win a pack 12 championship

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Bigger and taller certainly sounds good, but how is that going to translate to wins and losses and performance on the field? I was a little surprised to see in a mock NFL draft that not one Cal player is projected to be picked in any of the 7 rounds. Those are all Wilcox players. You look back on the Snyder winning teams from 1990 and 1991, and the Tedford winning teams from 2003 through 2009, and there were a bunch of guys drafted. Snyder's first winning team in 1990 had three offensive line guys along with Pawloski, Dawkins, Willard and White that got drafted. I bet I am missing several others.

Pure talent is certainly a factor in getting guys to the NFL, but player development and coaching schemes are a huge factor as well. Maybe this year's team will turn that around.

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Nice report. Thanks.

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Much appreciated. Especially the social media links. The real value of these in-person reports is the perspective on who is showing real Pac12 potential. Stats don't show that, rarely. You could watch Lynch play as a freshman and already see Beast Mode. You could see Keenan Allen play as a freshman and say he was a difference maker. Granted, those are top NFL talent dudes, but if Cal remains in a period with mediocre talent, then the results will be what they are. I'm eager for news on Terry, for example. Veteran observers can note changes in execution, speed, explosiveness.

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So fun to hear about dudes and positions of promise and productivity. I wish RB was one of them, and curious not to hear Sirmon’s name mentioned.

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