FIRE ME UP NAM. Thanks to everyone who I met in Paly for fostering such a great experience. Lets finish this season strong.

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Each novel is a bittersweet reminder of your countdown. I'm so happy that this chapter was such an enjoyable triumph.

I think Musgrave might have had a little fun out there.

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Nov 22, 2021Liked by Nam Le, Avinash Kunnath

Forgot that we were sitting in front of the Pac-12 network talking heads that included none other than Shane Vereen. We got his attention at halftime and right before the end of the game and he pointed at us so he definitely heard us. He led us in a rousing round of "Roll on you Bears!" before the final gun sounded.

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remember that time we beat furd by 30 points

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Churro to Victory, Nam.

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This is great Nam. I think you captured the sentiments shared by us all eloquently.

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Love Nam's style in anticipating what is going to happen in the future along with reading what is now really going on using his "inside the game" knowledge. And he's probably right, most of the time. Totally agree with his assessment, and at the same time as he did, that Shaw not going for the normal field goals early was really strange and clearly showed he was concerned he needed to put a good amount of points on the board early to win.

But, by nature, being a tax attorney (now retired) I tend to like to take the other side of the argument. More fun that way.

I don't think Chase is going to leave because the team is not going to be as good next year. He will get more experience than he would even if he were drafted and made a pro squad because he will get a lot more experience playing at Cal than just practicing as a pro. True, we lose three of our prime receivers, but Cal has shown they have very good up and coming talent at that position.

We have good talent coming back at RB, especially if Christopher Brooks desires to come back, as he has another year of eligibility, which would mean we would only lose Dancy. We seem to be developing new talent on the offensive line, though I probably need to study that issue a bit more to see how deep we are at that position, but I'll defer to Taco on that issue . They did surprisingly well against Stanford. It would help if Craig could play injury free next season, but like all positions Cal has been remarkable at developing talent that most people not associated with our team knew we even had.

What is really amazing is the number of really good freshmen and sophomores playing so well at LB and DB, plus Saunders at DL. Again, who knew? Probably not even Nam, the seer. I thought we were really thin there but the backups proved to be talented beyond anything I, or anyone else, could have imagined. McKenzie will be back to anchor the DL and with Johnson coming back, he will move back to his natural position, DE, and Saunders will be at the other side. That group could be strong if there are no significant injuries. If he's smart, Deng likely to be back in taking a medical redshirt to show the pro's they should draft him, and high.

The whole coaching staff is puling a rabbit out of their hat in developing new talent. Wilcox, Sirmon and his crew have really turned it around to turn what was a weakness into a strength. Next, season our defense could be a very strong point, given our surprising group of new LB's and DB (a very strong group the third year in a row).

I don't think Stanford could fire Shaw now, given his strong overall record, but he has had a losing record the last two out of three years, the same record that Tedford had before he was let go, so you never know. I still tend to doubt it. Shaw's overall record has been significantly stronger than Tedford's, and Stanford will not want to be embarrassed in firing someone I believe just received a huge raise to (I heard to $8.5 million a year, really?) Shaw probably needs to just get motivated again, and to bring Stanford back. I still think he is a smart coach and showed that in how they marched down the field at the end of the Oregon game to win. I don't doubt Shaw set up the pass that generated the pass interference penalty that allowed Stanford one more play to win that game.

It could be a magical season if Cal wins its next two games, and even better if we go to and win a bowl game. We have proved it is always darkest before the dawn.

For a comparison of Shaw's and Tedford's records, see my favorite reference source below.



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Nam, these get better every week. Thanks for putting so many relevant thoughts into cogent statements. We s a ll appreciate you!

GO BEARS, beat la!

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