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Love the 'shooting awesomeness'

great analysis. during the game, I was trying to figure out why Cal was getting so open. A lot of it was Clayton is such a threat on all three levels and makes everyone around him better, and of course a lot of it was just Cal being in the shooting zone, but Stanford does look to have a poor defense.

You're right about Lars' ineffectiveness in all aspects of the game (offense, defense, rebounding) and Okofor had another very good game, but I would disagree that he sets better screens than Lars, who is a very good screener. For example, in the 3 second clip you showed above, Okafor could have easily been called for a moving screen.

Regarding Clayton's jersey issue. Thanks for explaining. I was wondering what that was about. Part way through the game a ref pointed out a similar issue with another player. Fox was very upset and yelled to the bench. Not sure if it was to the players to assistant coaches. A fan next to me said "he's a yeller"

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Pretty remarkable turn of events for the Bears.

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The only good news from Cal sports recently is beating Stanford and stealing players from

Stanford. That's like kicking someone who has OD'd and is lying in the gutter.

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Great win…great write up BP! Thank you!

Seeing Grant Newell, Okafor, Roberson (best game as a Bear), Kuany and my main man Sam Alajiki (best game as a Bear) ball out was awesome to see, though it still left me slightly melancholy when I imagined what this team could do with competent coaching…the pieces are there.

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cal wbb almost made it a weekend hoops sweep over stanford losing in a tight battle

here is what stanford coach Tara VanDerveer said about game:

"It’s really a game that could be really good for our team in the long run. It felt like a root canal in the short run."

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Nice write up. Will be interesting to see if Cal's hot three point shooting goes back down to normal levels. I do think that Cal has some good to very good talent. It has just been hidden as Cal;s new players adjust to being coached by Fox and, for some, playing in the U.S. Very happy that Fox has changed his strategy from running down the clock and then being forced to come up with instant offense before the clock expires. Always thought that was really stupid.

Would love to hear comments from the Fire Fox group (i.e. most of the commenters) as to how many total games Fox needs to win this season to keep his job as our coach for next season. Maybe Fox would read those comments so he has something to shoot for to keep his job.

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The game was a joy to watch. The only question I have is-is anytihing like this sustainable against better teams?

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