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Love the 'shooting awesomeness'

great analysis. during the game, I was trying to figure out why Cal was getting so open. A lot of it was Clayton is such a threat on all three levels and makes everyone around him better, and of course a lot of it was just Cal being in the shooting zone, but Stanford does look to have a poor defense.

You're right about Lars' ineffectiveness in all aspects of the game (offense, defense, rebounding) and Okofor had another very good game, but I would disagree that he sets better screens than Lars, who is a very good screener. For example, in the 3 second clip you showed above, Okafor could have easily been called for a moving screen.

Regarding Clayton's jersey issue. Thanks for explaining. I was wondering what that was about. Part way through the game a ref pointed out a similar issue with another player. Fox was very upset and yelled to the bench. Not sure if it was to the players to assistant coaches. A fan next to me said "he's a yeller"

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Pretty remarkable turn of events for the Bears.

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Great win…great write up BP! Thank you!

Seeing Grant Newell, Okafor, Roberson (best game as a Bear), Kuany and my main man Sam Alajiki (best game as a Bear) ball out was awesome to see, though it still left me slightly melancholy when I imagined what this team could do with competent coaching…the pieces are there.

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cal wbb almost made it a weekend hoops sweep over stanford losing in a tight battle

here is what stanford coach Tara VanDerveer said about game:

"It’s really a game that could be really good for our team in the long run. It felt like a root canal in the short run."

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The game was a joy to watch. The only question I have is-is anytihing like this sustainable against better teams?

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