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I know Charmin wants to play fast on offense, and aggressive on defense, but ...

I didn't know we were number 1 fastest team in the conference

I do see poor 3 point shooting, unnecessary fouling, and poor rebounding

part of the poor defense/rebounding might have to do with the team trying too hard to speed up the game and be so aggressive defensively ... that may work in youth hoops, but it's much tougher in D1 basketball as players are so much more fundamental, can hit 3s at a high rate when open, and can burn an over aggressive defense

when I watch Cal defend, I don't see opponents get good 3 point looks ... I see opponents measuring the humidity on the court, and then taking their 3 point shot

that should only happen on scramble plays, but for Cal, it happens in our base defense far too often

We also don't necessarily have the personnel to play such aggressive defense. My fav player, Leilani is amazing at stealing balls, but she sacrifices her body to do it, and I have no idea how she can play so many minutes at that speed and intensity. I was flat out worried for her when that player took her out going for a rebound.

Also, our guards aren't long, and we aren't deep enough to sustain that pace.

I think Coaches want to play a certain style, but maybe we aren't there yet to be successful with it

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