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Nick and his WBB coverage is 100% of the reason I subscribe to this site. Thank you Nick for this. And thank you Leilani for tonight.

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Nice to have women's bball coverage back on a regular basis. Really nice to get a non conference road win.

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first, thanks for covering a Cal WBB game

I love this team which has gone through so much, yet stuck together

they play fast and aggressive, and no one more than Curry. she is a true super star talent, but only in her first college season. Things I like about her besides her obvious talent is how fearless she is, how, how confident she is, and how much she hustles

There are few people who play as hard every minute of the game as she does

However, Leilani is my favorite player, and she has asserted her own offense the last several games, and it greatly helps this team as we are our offense needs to come from our guards this year

Today she kept us in the game in the first quarter/first half, and even before her clutch play was having an overall great game with driving and finishing, 3 point shooting, step backs, assists (zero turnovers), and then the best fake pass ever, and ice cold buzzer beater

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