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Feb 8, 2022Liked by Alex Khalifa

Frustrating game. Ugly first half for both teams

Jazzy played great, and I felt she was a key to the season

After last year when we had no guards, we are now a guard dominating team

But that doesn’t win game often unless you’re hot from 3, and even though Jazzy was it wasn’t enough to offset the lack of scoring from our posts

Samb has improved, Michelle needs to take her time when she gets the ball. She missed an uncontested layup because she didn’t realize how open she was. Daniels is to one dimensional, so teams lay back and defend her drive

Curry forced it too often

Basically this team is a work in progress, with some injury problems

But I love this team, and it has so much potential

The UCLA loss was a heartbreaker because we had a 7 point lead when ucla couldn’t score

Then Chou went on something like a 7 point run all by herself and ate up that lead in 2 minutes

Cal should have won that game considering ucla was playing poorly, but they stopped curry, which basically means they stopped cal

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