Michigan backed out of a home and home series with UCLA this fall and next. The Bruins would have had a better schedule had that not happened.

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Tell me if I'm crazy.

Arizona - 3-0 Unfortunate for us, but I think they'll surprise this year

Arizona State - 2-1 Where they will suffer is Conference Play

Colorado - 0-3 I cant definitively say they'll win any of these games

Oregon - 2-1 Lets be real, the game against Georgia is not neutral

Oregon State - 2-1 They will beat one of Fresno or Boise, not both

Stanford - 0-3 I hate Stanford too much to give them any wins

UCLA - 3-0 They better not embarrass the conference

USC - 3-0 They will be one of the better teams, even if a little overrated

Utah - 3-0 Utah beating Florida would make my week honestly

Washington - 3-0 They will probably bounce back after disappointing last year

Washington State - 2-1 Their QB is the real deal.

California - 3-0 on our way to the National Championship.

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I will find myself, again, rooting for the Dux to win a marquee game, when I’d really like them to be a mediocre team……sigh…..

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If, as you say Stanfurd is going to be really bad this year will Shaw, after four years in the doldrums, finally get the sack? And if he does do you think their next coach will be more Teevens or Harbaugh?

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Interesting write-up. Thanks for the ATQ article on Furd. That was eye-opening and pointed out some of their problems and their slip into mediocrity over the past few years.

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