DBD 02-24-2022: Mom's lesson

Kunal Gupta:

“At the Kaziranga National Park, this elephant mother and calf seemed completely oblivious to our jeep and went about their stroll through the pond. The mom seemed to be giving her calf lessons on eating the hyacinth - select a lush green bunch, rip them out from the root, pound the stems against their trunk to remove the mud, and then swallow whole. The calf looked like she was thoroughly enjoying the lesson and duly followed her mother’s every move. I stood transfixed as the lesson played out in front of us - stopping only to take a photo now and then - the pair occasionally glanced in our direction and must have been wondering what we were ooohing and aaahing about - this particularly photo is my favorite since it has the calf standing stuck to her mother with a trunk full of stems - I was lucky enough to take the shot just at the moment they seemed to give us an enormous smile.”