DBD 11-22-2021: Happiness

I am enjoying what Musgrave is doing with his frequent use of 12 and 13 personnel packages. It punishes those who don't respect the run advantage it provides via blocking. And if you send in a heavy OLB/DE to counter, you get a coverage mismatch vs more athletic TEs. On this play are two receivers up top and two TE on the other side. Furd goes with a 3-4 cover 1. Stanford’s safety is out of position before the ball is snapped as he’s crept up and to the right to support against the TE-heavy side. Kyu Blu Kelly has lined up with inside leverage to cover Trevon, as he should. But look at the space between him and the safety. If he were to somehow lose that inside leverage on a slant route, it's an… easy… T… D….

DBDers - Name some things that make you happy - maybe even a few things beyond the Bears.