DBD 3-12-2021: Powerbar

Brian Maxwell was a long-distance runner (UC Berkeley, BS Architecture ‘75). Bruce ended up being the head cross country coach for Cal in the early to mid 80s. During a marathon in 1983, Maxwell hit the wall and quit the race because his body ran out of fuel. This spurred him to start experimenting with an athletic bar in his own kitchen. He asked for volunteers to help test his bars, which led him to hook up with one of his team runners - Jennifer Biddulph - a Pi Phi and nutrition student. They ended up running together and she ended up being his girlfriend, then wife. I remember the Maxwells and staff all over the UC Berkeley campus with backpacks full of free samples for students. All hail the apple pie Powerbar. Brian Maxwell died at the age of 51 of a heart attack. Jennifer Maxwell endowed Haas School of business with a full-tuition scholarship program named after Brian. Maxwell Field (fka Kleeberger Field) is also named after the Maxwell family. Maxwell’s fourth child - Julia - followed her mom’s footsteps to pursue nutrition and running, unfortunately by attending and competing for Stanfurd track.