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Maybe not fair of me to assess the program after a game against maybe the premier team in the conference, but I still fail to see a path for success for us under Fox. I appreciate that he's taken us from appalling to somewhere closer to mediocre, but I don't get the sense there's another gear to get us to good. He just doesn't have the profile or system to attract players, nor does he coach a system that can mask that talent gap. He will no doubt get a year 4, but do we expect next year to be any different than this one--or the year after that? I feel like we're at point in his tenure where it is fair to ask.

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the issue with next year is we lose our 3 top players who are also our most experienced players. We also lose a 4th experienced player who is a shooter.

This was suppose to be the proof that Cal can win with a team of 3 star recruits (with one franchise 4 star such as Bradley, or a very good player like Shepherd) when they are a veteran team. With 3 seniors and 2 juniors starters, this was the year to prove that theory.

Next year we will be young and have fewer shooters

And we have no schollie spots left to sign some vets and/or shooters

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We need better talent. We lost to UCSD this year! Lol

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Fox got 2 T's cuz he's a clown and an embarrassment to the University. I mean really? He gets into a staring contest? Yup, he's right, he's a third grader. Counting the days until he's gone.

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I assume Fox thinks one particular ref consistently calls fouls against Cal based on that quote, and you got that right that Fox used this ‘opportunity’ to make a statement since we weren’t going to win this game at that point anyway

I do think their bigs were jumping ’over the back’ or just flat out pushing the players from the back. There was a play after Fox got ejected where their Center obviously pushed Celestine from the back with no call.

Some positives:

Shepherd continues to back down to no one. His fast break slam was the second highlight dunk in two games. Shows his fight and athleticism

2K again flashed his potential. Needs to be more consistent and improve his shooting but looks more confident to take on the top competition

Foreman is developing a middle game with teardrop floaters and pull up jumpers. He’s a fifth year senior so adding these to his bag shows how much he’s worked on his game

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