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However beak, Nebraska is Bruce's best album.

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Imagine if we had coaches who could coach and a DC that could coordinate what we would've done to OSU? We really need TDR back...we really miss him, ugh!!

On that note, Cal is AHEAD of Oregun statistically in every metric save one. That one is points per game:

Oregun: 23.3 ppg

Cal: 23.8 ppg

Oh, and overall defense (yards per game) Cal is AHEAD of Oregun, by 3 spots (but the ducks haven't played the beavers yet and no one is going to do what Cal did to the beavers).

And Cal is doing it with a lot of 1st year players!! This D has the potential to be at the top of the conference next year with some key returners from injury (OK we only need BJ back and healthy but if Deng chooses to come back that would be fine) and players with a year under their belt: Aladejo, Paster, Ruchena, Hearns, Gamble, Young. Not to mention what is waiting in the wings: Hisatake, Patu, Elarms-Orr, Wilkins, Barth, Williams, Calhoun. Just loaded with talent, size and athleticism these lads are.

Now if only Knowlton would get his act together and fire Wilcox to placate the fan base we would be setup for success! Jeez I miss TDR.

Nice stats Piotr, ty.

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The D was very impressive especially considering the injury situation. The young Bears stepped in admirably and shut down the no. 1 rushing offense in the conference.

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Holding the Beavers to three yards per carry on first down is impressive work! Even more satisfying, especially this season, was the offense taking advantage of the good defensive stops, with solid drives and points.

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