Dear Old, Tired, and Out-of-Shspe but still clearly Brilliant and highly Expert and Exoerienced in legal matters:

Thank you for exhausting yourself to write such a long blog. It is fascinating. It is clear. And it makes humbler minds like mine feel enlightened, educated and spoken up to. I really appreciated every word.

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I agree with Erlyn Madsen, who is rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite WFC commenter, if likes have anything to do with it. Close by would be TwistnHook and his cascading insights into an obscure world of legalese that leaves most of us feeling, as Erlyn describes: “…enlightened, educated and spoken up to.”

Betcha none of the other top universities on the planet have a site like this one! Advance Ursi!

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Really praying we can fill Christ's spot with a chancellor that is engaged with athletics and has the stones to clean house. The next cycle is likely to come earlier than we expect--maybe very early. Christ/Knowlton's lack of assertiveness has already caused irreparable harm to our athletics brand/legacy, our student athletes's well being and the financial future of the university. We are so far out of our league right now with those two clutzes at the steering wheel. Terrifying.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but FSU, Clemson, UNC & Notre Dame will definitely be announcing they're leaving the ACC before you become active members. There could be more depending on what the Big 12 decides to do. If you read the new College Football Playoff agreement, per ESPN, the Big 10 & SEC will take the lead in establishing the format of future playoffs beyond guaranteed berths for conference champions of the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 and SEC, as well as the highest-ranked team from Group of Five champions. Notre Dame was assured it will have "protections" as the format evolves.

The conferences & Notre Dame also agreed on annual compensation for each conference. Big 10 & SEC members each will receive more than $21 million, the ACC members will get upward of $13 million, and Notre Dame & Big 12 members will be paid more than $12 million. Group of Five schools will receive $1.8 million - a raise of $300,000 - and Washington State & Oregon State will earn $360,000.

From a reliable source in Fox Sports, there's a clause in the agreement that states that conferences are contractually limited from stopping additional realignment to the P2, noncompliance can result in financial penalties.

Folks, this is a business decision driven by the networks, not a legal decision about contracts. There are brands (schools) more valuable in the Big 10 or SEC, than other conferences from the networks financial perspective. For schools that aspire to compete for national championships, with the addition of the CFP $$, the Big 10 & SEC will have a $50-60 million/member financial advantage, to increase their chances of making the playoff. One game in the playoffs will provide about $50 million to the school & the same to the conference. Huge $$$. Money is driving all of conference realignment.

You have no idea of how the GOR & media deal was spun by Swofford. The Tobacco Road crowd has a way of business that make the mafia look like saints. Swofford's nickname by many ACC members was "ninja", they couldn't believe how he accomplished so much! Phillips comes to town & decides to move ACC Headquarters to Charlotte as his first major accomplishment. He decides that if Swofford can push an agenda against the top tier programs, that he can too. Don't you find it a bit odd that he doesn't follow the conferences by-laws & makes unilateral decisions to extend media contract "look-ins", file lawsuits against members & try to hide embarrassing contract details, without seeking members approval? If you think Washington State & Oregon State have it bad, just wait!

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In several of your prior articles you've mentioned that if the NC court doesn't dismiss/stay the ACC's action in NC, that "FSU's legal adventure is over as quickly as it began" or something to that effect. I'm curious why it is that you feel that's the case? Even if the case is ultimately heard in NC, FSU would still have a chance to have their case heard on the merits, right? Particularly since the ACC is asking for basically the same thing FSU was asking the FL court for - declaratory judgement as to the enforceability of the ACC's withdrawal penalty and GOR, no?

Having read you saying that a few times, it's always confused me as to why you believe that's the case (that FSU essentially loses if the case stays in NC). Though to be clear, I'm just a law student and it's completely possible if not likely that I'm missing something.


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Now that Clemson has filed, is their grounds for removal to federal court, and, if that happens, given that there are similar suits in two different states, isn't NC the appropriate venue? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someone files for removal to federal court and the Friday hearing gets taken off calendar. We'll see.

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