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Imagine being able to tell recruits "I watched Kobe became Kobe (RIP) and will bring that into my coaching." That also builds a major bridge to SoCal.

The "treat them like my children" thing is more a pitch to parents whose kids are leaving home so it doesn't bother me (it would on the pro level, though). Plus he has a recently expanded family so it's on his mind. I do like how he discussed relaxing academic criteria through a social justice lens that mirrors a broader admissions debate. It's subtle, but shows he may have the skill to make progress with our administration.

I know player development is his focus but am hoping he also pulls in some good players from the portal. At least he has the full off-season. But I am seriously amped about next season.

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Classy comments by a classy gent. In the professional world, I always winced at the “we’re a family” analogy. It seemed paternalistic and overly familiar. We weren’t a family. We were coworkers, bosses, etc.

In a sports setting, it still gives me pause. Can’t we just be players and coaches and friends?

It’s a widely accepted term at work and play, so I get it and accept it. But, heck, it’s my comment and I’m sticking to it.

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Thanks folks. Excited by the Madsen hire.

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Mark, thank you so much for sharing your sharing your experience as a player experiencing Cal. You absolutely "get it" I LOVED the picture of your family decked or in Blue & Gold! Welcome to Cal, Mark. 110% with you! Go Bears!

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Well said Coach Madsen

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Checked all the boxes that he should as an incoming Cal coach speech - a remarkably easy thing to do that very few of our recent coaches have. No idea how ultimately successful he's going to be, but if we judge by first impressions he's going to do really really well.

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Your alternate universe 1999-2000 California Men's Basketball Starting 5:

G: Shantay Legans

G: Donte Smith

F: Sean Lampley

F: Joe Shipp

C: Mark Madsen

First off the bench:

C: Solomon Hughes

G: Dennis Gates

In the real world, with Nick Vander Laan at center, we went 16-14 in the regular season, 7-11 in conference, and made the Final Four of the NIT to finish 18-15.

Don't mean to diss Vander Laan, but I think the alternate universe team might have done better. Hard to say because 'Furd played a different style than we did, so you can't really directly take Madsen's stats that season and drop them into the Cal roster.

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