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Toshgate 2.0?

Thanks for the write-up and I hope the Bears stay upright.

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Love the reference to Gandhi in Civ. So true, I learned to never trust any of the other players, but especially him. When the tech arises, he's nuking the shite out of everybody. LOL

So, watch for Flowe's second career in acting?

Thanks, again, Chris. May the football gods intercede on our behalf as they did on ND's behalf with the Immaculate Encroachment.

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I know Musgrave won't do this, but what about an offensive formation akin to punt formation (PUNTING IS WINNING) where 7 block, #13 takes the snap 9 yards back, and only 3 run patterns. As Wilcox said on Tuesday, if you get the QB enough time, a receiver will get open.

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Quarterback rankings

Top 18 rated QB's are in the Pac 12. Might be the best average top five rated QB's in Power Five Conferences.


Pac 12 -- 

1.  Cameron Rising -- 4

2.  Bo Nix -- 6

3.  Caleb Williams -- 8

4.  DTR -- 9

5.  Michael Penix --18

6.  Jayden de Laura -- 30

7.  Tanner McKee -- 76

8.   Cameron Ward -- 78

9.   Jack Plummer -- 80

10. Emory Jones -- 87

11.  Can't find OSU 

12.  Owen McCown -- 116

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Tosh Lupoi was the De La Salle player Cal got the year they didn't get D.J. Williams. Not really a consolation prize. Assistant coaches were not necessarily highly paid and had trouble keeping up the cost of living in the Bay Area so let's cut Tosh some slack.

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I had some biased hope of winning vs Huskies but I have no faith in a win over Ducks this week.

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I don't recall the exact facts about Lupoi's departure from Cal and I'm not sure they were ever revealed at that time, or even afterwards.

Does anyone know which Cal players Lupoi convinced to leave Cal, and which ones ended up at UW? Also, if known, what increased salary Lupoi was offered at Cal and what was his first year salary at UW.


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