I agree that the Bears are around 9th.

Interesting stat of the week:

Chase Garbers, with 2029 total yards leads the Pac 12 in that category...

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Mine, before looking.

1. Oregon. Again did just enough on both sides of the ball, but beat a good team on the road this time.

2. ASU. Didn't lose, so they move up.

3. UCLA. Have consistently beaten bad/mediocre teams and come up short against good ones.

4. Utah. It was their turn to play a good first half and a crap second half.

5. Oregon State. A bit lucky to get past Utah, but still a good win.

6. Furd.

7. Wazzu. Decent showing all things considered, but couldn't get a needed stop at the end.

8. Washington. They can stop the pass, and that's about it. Threw it just well enough to avoid disaster in Tucson.

9. SC. All four losses have been by at least 14 points.

10. Cal. The pecking order at the bottom of the conference is now established.

11. Colorado. Completely stoned by an ordinary defense again.

12. Arizona. Did well for a while until the Husky passing game woke up.

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The Oregon-OSU game isn't called the Civil War anymore since last year. Hopefully they'll agree on the new name in time for this year's big matchup.

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Surprised nobody has done the right thing and put BYU at the top.

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Nick, the first WSU 2 point conversion was not intentional. There was a snap/hold malfunction, and they had to try to salvage something. When that failed, that forced their hand to try the 2nd one.

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The Civil War should be Classic this year.

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