So, as of now, which conference is better, the Pac-12 or the Mountain West? Tough call. But for having Oregon in the Pac-12, the vote clearly goes to the Mountain West. In fact, if you looked at just games played between the two conferences, my bet is that the Mountain West prevails (I'm too lazy to do the computation).

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I agree with Cal at mostly an 8 slot. After beating the Huskies we'll probably move up to 5 or 6, though. Stanford's success is disconcerting, though Vandy is a bad team. Other than Stanford and Oregon all the teams we play look beatable, including UCLA.

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Washington's 52-3 dismantling of Sunbelt conference Arkansas State was far more impressive than Cal's victory over an FCS Sac State team that clearly struggled in its two games prior to playing Cal. I view the Washington win as a statement game, whereas the Cal win had fans in an uproar over how a JC quarterback with almost no experience could dismantle Cal's secondary. So I would put Washington ahead of Cal in the rankings. I don't bet in general, and I would never bet against my team, but that 7-point spread in Seattle seems light to me.

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mine, before looking:

1. Oregon.


1a. BYU. They're 3-0 in conference!


2. UCLA. Even with the Fresno loss, they still have a better resume than any other non-Ducks.


3. Furd. That's two good road wins, and the K-State loss doesn't look as bad now.

4. ASU. Hung with BYU most of the way at BYU.

5. Utah. Tough loss at SDSU. Like ASU, don't have a good win or a bad loss yet.

6. SC. Always the chaos team. Turned it around after a slow start at Wazzu.

7. Oregon State. They don't have a good win or a bad loss either.

8. Washington. Should move up later, but they still lost to Montana and got rolled by Michigan.


9. Cal. Let's hope the pass non-defense against Sac St was a bad day, not a new normal.

10. Wazzu. Have they done anything well this year?

11. Arizona. Losing at home to NAU? Offense is pathetic.

12. Colorado. 30-0 at home to Minnesota? This could be a historically bad offense.

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Some years, for example early Tedford, I root for P12 teams to do well, for conference pride, better rankings and better bowl games. If we’re contending for New Years bowl games, playoffs, BCS, etc. then it’s critical that the conference be strong.

This is not one of those years. Best thing for us is for everyone including Oregon to be garbage, and to stumble our way to winning a championship in a crappy conference, like furd under willingham.

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