It's odd seeing the Bears as the conference's second least-mad team. Due to the team's pattern of 3-0 starts, midseason slumps, and dramatic upsets in 2017-19, Cal always jumped all over the place in the rankings. It's boring being stuck in the basement.

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Very interesting work guys. Actually I am surprised Cal is ranked above Colorado. For sure we are one of the best 1-5 teams in the nation, but at some point you need to execute in the final minute.

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Mine, before looking:

1. Oregon. What a mediocre win. But they still beat tOSU and have just the one fluky loss.

2. Utah. Where the hell did that come from? And will it persist?

3. ASU. Good first half at Utah, then, uh...

4. UCLA. Solid win on the road.

5. Oregon State.

6. Furd. Losing in Pullman isn't a hanging offense at this point.

7. Wazzu. Rolovich...WTAF? Meanwhile the team keeps winning.

8. Washington. They don't match up well with good running teams.

9. SC.

10. Cal. This is an average team with a bad record.

11. Colorado. Well, they're far better than the Cats at this point.

12. Zona. Yuck.

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Great stealth GoT reference

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God save the Queen if we should lose to Arizona.

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