Mine, before looking.

1. Utah. Got beav'd a month ago, and since then they've been mashing fools.

2. Oregon. Losing at Utah is no shame, but losing by 31 points is.

3. UCLA. The Ruins consistently ruin bad teams.

4. Oregon State. For once, they ride the defense to a win.

5. Wazzu. 44 points is the most anyone's hung on Cats this year.

6. ASU. Dude, where's my offense? Back to back road games at UW, Ore St is tough.

7. Cal. Solid when not quarantined, have allowed just 49 total points in last 4 games.

8. Washington. Another close loss, they're 3-5 in one-score games this year.

9. SC. A Trojan defense should never be this bad.

10. Colorado. Have won 3 straight at home, still terrible on the road.

11. Arizona. Have been outgained by just 259 yards on the season.

12. Furd. Got McKee back, still got pulped. Have been outgained by 1500 yards.

Colorado has actually been outgained worse than Furd has (1665 yards), but they get credit for recent improvement. All three of those are over 11 games.

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"8. Washington. Another close loss, they're 3-5 in one-score games this year."

Better than our 0–5 record in such games...

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Is it? If both teams have 4 wins, that just means our wins are coming by a larger margin.

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Their 1-2 in multi-score games as opposed to our 4-1 is a lot of why I have us ranked ahead of them.

Then there's Nebraska, who is 0-7 in one-score games and whose only other loss was by 9 to Ohio State.

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I'm strictly talking one-score games. So I'd much rather be winning 37.5% of my close games than 0.0% of them.

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After several weeks of declining madness, I'm happy to see that this is the maddest week since the first month of the season.

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Nov 23, 2021Liked by Leland, Christopher Helling

Last place Stanford, or known locally as an A-

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Mine after looking

1. Cal (have Axe)

2-11 Blah, blah, blah

12. Furd (don't have Axe)

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