Well gol darn. I couldn't believe the half time score, turned on the recording and couldn't believe what I saw. As good as Shepherd was, it wasn't all him. As the Kent family announcers kept saying, Cal played smart ball and killed them with the high pick and roll. Oregon looked like those WA teams of yore that had a lot of talent and no actual offense. No set plays. This was a game where Fox outcoached Oregon. I'll take that. Really happy for this team. Go Bears!

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I watched the game this am; I’d say the refs kept their whistles in their pockets during both most of the game and during the 24-0 run. Seems like there were plenty of plays that normally draw a foul, but didn’t this time. I’m good with that mostly because ticky-tack fouls ruin the game. Not saying it wasn’t called equally, but certainly not tightly

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cal women's team lost in an OT heartbreaker ... Daniels, Leilani, Evelien with good games. Curry couldn't be aggressive most of the game because she got 2 early fouls, her third in first half, and 4th with lots of time remaining in second half ... she only was her normal aggressive self when there was a couple minutes left

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Good analysis Nick, and I also agree with Hoopdreams, Lars has been coming along for a while now. If only he could work on those hands...

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Lars did play a good game, but actually he's played well ever since Kelly got injured. His first game without Kelly was vs Stanford. He played well that game, but I chocked it up to Stanford not having a very good or athletic center. He scored 11 points on 3-3 FGs + 5-5 FTs, 5 rebounds

but then he followed it up with a solid game vs UW, but only played 15 minutes. I actually thought he defended UW's athletic center who killed us in our first game. Lars shot 2-5FG + 2-2FTs, with only 1 rebound

Against WSU's two long and bouncy bigs, he scored 8 points on 3-7FG + 2-2FTs, with 6 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals and an assist. I thought it was his best overall game.

vs OSU he only played 11 minutes shooting 2-3FG + 1-2FT and 7 rebounds, and also held OSU's big/strong scoring center to 1 point.

So he's played long athletic players, big/strong post scorers, and skinny-sklled players and held his own against all of them.

In addition, he has also changed a lot of shots by guards who drove and tried to score at the rim

He has improved his rebounding, is great at setting screens, can run the pick and roll and finish and rarely makes dumb fouls like he did his first two years.

He still has poor hands catching low balls and hanging onto some rebounds, and needs to get too low to gather himself before he shoots, but overall he's playing well recently

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Feb 13, 2022·edited Feb 13, 2022

We beat Oregon on the road! It's snowing in Beijing during the games! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

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what a game. i don't ever remember cal going on a 24-0 run before

in other news, stanford scaring little children:


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Just wrapped up watching the 2nd half. Bears were ahead by 11 or more the whole time...

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I read this entire article and never once found what the final score was! Shouldn’t that be mentioned?

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Following up on my unfinished work on what some of our basketball players have left in terms of the number of seasons they can play following my guess as to what the college basketball year is for Covid (20-21), I decided to look up what is the regular redshirt rule is for college basketball.

Turns out there is none so if a player ;plays one minute of one game he or she has blown (or used up) a whole year of eligibility.


But I have read that this an unfair rule, as you can play four full college football games and it will still count as a redshirt year. Didn't copy it, but someone has suggested, I assume because the college basketball season is much longer than the college football season, a player should be allowed to play in ten games and it should count as a redshirt year. I think that rule is a bit excessive in terms of allowed games to be played but I think some games should be allowed ot be played and not "burn" a year.

You can find the little that is out there on this subject by searching for "college basketball redshirt year"

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I was out earlier and just finished eating dinner. After checking email my next step was going to be to check on the result of the game. But my email had this article so the good news was received. Congrats, Bears.

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