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Nice coverage. Now I feel a bit better about the game. We should be running the rock, but like you say we'll probably see Musgrave trying to air it out on 3rd and 2 when we should be giving the ball to Brooks or Moore.

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I don't know if this fits in the article, but I wanted to comment on the large number of children of former NFL players on Stanford. As best as I can tell:

Player - Father

1. RB EJ Smith IV - Emmitt (James) Smith III (Hall of Fame RB)

2. LB Jake Lynch - John Lynch (Hall of Fame SS)

3. RT Myles Hinton - Chris Hinton (13 year pro OT)

4. TE/DE Tucker Fisk - Jason Fisk (12 year pro DT/NT)

5. CB Kyu Blu Kelly - Brian Kelly (10 year pro CB)

6. CB Jimmy Wyrick - Jimmy Wyrick (5 year pro CB)

7. Zach Buckey - Jeff Buckey (4 year pro OL)

8. LB Gabe Reid - Spencer Reid (2 year pro LB)

9. QB Ari Patu - Saul Patu (2 year pro DE + arena league)

10. OC Drake Nugent - Terry Nugent (1 year pro QB)

11. LB Lance Keneley - Matthew Keneley (1 year pro DT)

12. FB Houston Heimuli - Lakei Heimuli (1 year pro RB)

13. LB Aeneas DiCosmo - Anthony DiCosmo (practice squad + arena league WR)

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Don't you dare give me hope.

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