Sep 9, 2021 • 55M

The Bear Market: Coping Techniques for Defeat

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Each week, Nick and Piotr will break down everything that happened in Cal's previous game, with a focus on Xs and Os, advanced stats, scouting grades, and all of the nitty gritty details you would want. We'll be joined occasionally by guests, from Write for California writers and beyond.

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the Bear Market, our podcast for Write for California subscribers! This week, Piotr and Nick trade gameday experiences, discuss how we try to maintain a cheery exterior in the face of football-related pain, try to determine how much hope there is for Cal's offense, laugh at 5/6th of the Pac-12 North, and spend time fretting about TCU.

We hope you come back and listen throughout the season! Because this is a new podcast, and because this is Write for California's premium podcast, we're very much interested in taking your feedback and incorporating that into the show. If you become a paid subscriber and you ask a question, we will answer that question. If there's a segment you want to see on the show, we'll make it happen (within reason: nobody here wants to commit slander).