Hey that was funny and kinda sick. I liked it. But, still, can you take down that damn article that was written right after the Colorado game last season. I still upsets me.

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Why be a university known for championship athletics, when you can be a university known for its tortured intellectuals?

This reminds me...when I was a freshman in the 70s, I got a survey in the mail about...social/sexual experiences as a college student. I thought, what the heck, let's do this. They said they'd send the results of the survey. Months later, I got an envelope. It turned out to be a photocopy of an article in the latest issue of Playboy. The article was about sex on college campuses. Berkeley was described as being the campus of tortured intellectuals.

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When sunshine pumpers think this is our year

"I love you but you are not serious people"

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You forgot a few…

When Tosh leaves you for a dirty fucking whore!


When some guy does a mass shooting at another uni and all you can think about is how game day isn’t coming anymore


When you find your old tedhead shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore because cal football made you a fat ass


When you see old blues at the Claremont after games who could literally buy the Yankees and not flinch an eye but are content with an arm rest and drink service as well as an ADA approved entrance to get their six hundred year old grandma who was one of the twelve apostles into the game.


When you read a debate about what we should be called…knowing full well Knowlton is probably reading the comment section whilst trying to push out a turd in his grizzly peak McMansion. And two days later you see some shittily branded apparel that says University of California Berkeley, Cal, Bears, golden bears, and stick figure Oski on the same t shirt


And most importantly, when you read apathy to the worst coach in their respective category followed by “because we’re cal and we can’t do better”


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May 29·edited May 29

Nailed it all, Avi.

The Agony and The Ecstasy.

You had it at “pre-grieved” and “torture.”

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10/10 memes

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Sent to our AD, Jim Knowlton.


Somewhat amusing. I think it could be a regular type of submission. Years ago I came up with using the a new word, "Typical," for when Cal screwed up a game with what some would call typical fashion, though others have said they thought of using that word first (though I doubt it).

Or you could make it into a sort of comic with a picture-- "And to think our AD promised all Cal fans would get one free ice cream to celebrate if we won our game against Alabama."

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Will send to Knowlton. Maybe he can offer some pictures with comments or order one of his employees to regularly submit them.

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Hilarious! And a great idea. Could be a regular feature on WFC.

A few suggestions.

1) I think you left out the traditional "TypiCal" (which I thought of all by myself, though others may have suggested it before I did) when Cal loses a game they should have won, all without pictures, of course, unless they are offered.

2) At the end of the season there should be a vote of all of the suggestions made by viewers of WFC to determine the best winners for the year, maybe under two categories -- 1) with pictures, 2) without pictures. Or maybe other categories.

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