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Thank goodness the novel about this game was brief. The defense was great, and except for the return toward the end of the game, so was the special teams play. Hard to understand how the offense was so bad. There has been much written about it already by others, nothing to add from me. I will be at the USC game. Also hoping for the win. If we get our OL back and Garbers, we can still beat USC.

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Thanks for pointing out the two obvious things to me

1) Giving up too early on run game/lack of creativity with run game

2) Coaches not having a capable backup QB ready

Apparently, we didn't realize that we have been one play away (injury to Garbers) from complete offensive implosion all season long

And kudos to those on this board who rightly called out at the time that Musgrave was a bad hire.

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Thanks Nam…tough one all around!

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I’d like to know if JW and the coaches have removed the spare tires from their vehicles. Slim chance you’d ever need them and who ever gets a flat with good tires?

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I am only on this island, but I didn't think Glover's throws were that egregiously awful. If we go with a Moore/Brooks/Dancy offense, he could have done just enough to win the game. Shoot, he had one deep ball lost in the sun and one deep ball drop that could have been an extra 40 yards.

Was anyone reminded of Steve Levy? Those passes had a LOT of air underneath them - the difference was the 2005 offensive line was stacked with future pros, and he could hand off to a couple of guys like Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett, and when he aired it out some receivers named Desean Jackson and Lavelle Hawkins had enough speed and hands to slow up and adjust to the slower ball.

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