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I thought this was a key part of the story from the LA Times 3 days ago:

"Finally, UC will examine the regents’ policy that allows each university to control its athletics operations, and offer recommendations on policy changes necessary to ensure 'proper oversight of major athletics-related decisions.'

Newsom and the Legislature have no authority to kill the UCLA deal, because the UC system is constitutionally autonomous. In 1991, the UC Office of the President delegated authority to campus chancellors to execute their own contracts, including intercollegiate athletic agreements.

But Board of Regents Chair Richard Leib told The Times on Wednesday that the delegation of authority 'didn’t necessarily anticipate this type of action.'"

It's one thing to let uclol negotiate a uni contract with UnderArmour or Nike, which is what I believe what the Office of the President intended to allow the schools to do when they delegated out contractual authority. So this action went beyond what the Regents ever anticipated any of their schools doing. Or in this case, Fox Sports dangled a shiny thing in front of uclol and they jumped at it.

I would love nothing more than this being resolved with Cal's debt disappearing as the unintended consequence.

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This whole issue is very complicated and will be resolved in some way that's impossible to predict at the moment.

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