Alajiki definitely has some skill, but I can't imagine the Bears win too many games when Anticevich doesn't register a point.

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I'm wrestling with something. It is just me or is the difference between the top, mid and lower teams greater than before? I don't recall feeling so helpless against the top teams. I remember going to the game when Oregon State beat top 10 Arizona in Corvallis, and though it was an upset, it wasn't such a huge deal. Right now, it feels like why bother playing the games. And this is not a criticism of Cal, but a reflection on the NCAA. I think recruiting has gone National and the top talent is concentrated more densely in a few places. The result is a less interesting league and sport.

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Jan 28, 2022·edited Jan 28, 2022


Sounds like Nick may soon be the third member of the Alajiki Fan Club (President -- Jimmy Chitwood). The first two members recognized Sam's potential a month or so ago and posted the same. Maybe Fox read their comments, looked up Sam's stats and learned that it was true that Sam was shooting over 50% from three, and decided to give Sam a shot at starting. He should stay there.

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