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I couldn't agree more. I watched some Wazzu games and they impressed me with how aggressive their D was. Linebackers who bite on the first move, frequent safety blitzes trying to time the count, secondary going for big hits rather than wrapping someone up, show big blitzes that bails out into full 4-2-5 coverage. They shoot gaps, jump routes, and hit really hard. Oregon answered them the right way... counters, misdirection, traps, and stretching the field and then having the QB jog for 8 yards.

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Thanks for the interesting write-up. Sounds like our offensive line will have their hands full

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QB draw>overcommitted rush?

Just asking what our counters might be without giving away the store.

Even though I played football, a bit, in high school, I am a novice to strategy and I learn so much from you.

Fun Fact: Sure glad you do not interject politics into your analyses. ;)

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Watching Michigan against the formidable Iowa defense and wishing we could make a TD drive with only one or two 3rd downs. :( Seems like we always do a hey-it's-not-third-down-yet-so-let's-run-up-the-middle-and-get-stuffed or a failed screen pass, so we're sure to get to 3rd down and sometimes 4th and go for it.

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