Ive lurked on other P12 sites and a lot of WSU fans have equated Rolovich's run n shoot offense to the run n shit offense, so they really dont like it compared to Leach. De Laura is their most talented QB by a country mile but like everyone else he has bad cold streaks. For some reason last year they had no clue how to use Borghi and this year hes off to an ok start, but I agree he hasnt improved much from the scary back we knew in 2018.

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To Nick and Goldenone one.

Why do each of you dislike Nick Rolovich? Just for completeness sake, I am posting his Wikipedia page.


(see ending paragraph on "Personality."

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I watched the Washington/Cal game again last night. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There was more good than bad. We should win this game, Go Bears !

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Definitely agree with the Bozo assessment. This is a game that we cannot lose.

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Two questions related to Cal in general.

1)Does anyone know why the band can't start from outside the tunnel

2)Anyone have insider info into Under Armour v Cal

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