2021 Cal Football Positional Preview: Tight Ends

Could this finally be the return?

The Room

Coach: Geep Chryst

Years at Cal: 1st Season


  • NFL OC and/or QB Coach - 11 Years

  • NFL Director of Research and Quality Control - 5 Years

  • NFL TE Coach - 8 Years

  • College QB/WR/OL Coach - 2 Years Division I, 1 Year Division III

Player Depth

Seniors - Collin Moore (RS), Gavin Reinwald (RS), Jake Tonges (RS)

Juniors - Nick Alftin (RS)

Sophomores - Jake Muller, Elijah Mojarro (RS)

Freshmen - Keleki Latu, Jermaine Terry II

My Projected Depth Chart

1 - Jake Tonges

2 - Collin Moore

3 - Keleki Latu OR Jermaine Terry

I fully expect Jake Tonges to be the starter come to the season opener against Nevada. The Bears are going to want his experience and versatility to lead the position. That being said, the Musgrave offense will be utilizing so many personnel looks and play designs that will have 1, 2, or maybe even 3 tight ends in a given formation. I fully expect the entire TE group to get some form of playing time throughout the season. Moore and Reinwald are solid vets that provide stability in the blocking game but also in their route running. Elijah Mojarro and Nick Alftin have carved out roles for themselves as being versatile all-rounders, as well as being athletic pass catchers. The big question will be whether or not the two standouts can push their playing time beyond just designed plays for them. Latu has already the makings of an amazing pass catcher, with his 6-foot-7 frame and ability to high point the ball from anywhere on the field. Terry, on the other hand, is an absolute terror at 6-foot-4 and 270lbs and will be a force both in the run-blocking game and also as a YAC-type of receivers. The pain he’s going to inflict on some poor slot corner thats undersized or some inside linebacker that doesn’t have the speed to match up will bring a smile to the Cal fans who have been wanting a punishing tight end for the last few seasons.

Once again the tight end position is one that the Bears are looking to integrate into the offense to add another dimension. The only difference is, the team may actually have the talent and depth to do so.

Editor’s note: Article was written prior to the release of the Game Week Depth Chart.