Predict the 2021 Cal Football Season

How will the Bears fare against each of the 2021 opponents?

After a bizarre and mostly forgettable 2020 season, we are finally on the precipice of a normal-ish season! Fans in the stadium, visits from out-of-conference opponents, homecoming, and everything else that makes college football so special (at least, until we join the SEC Pacific division in 2024).

With a full, twelve-game schedule we can finally return to our familiar preseason predictions exercise. This is the thirteenth(!) season we’ve been running this series, but here’s a quick refresher in case you’re a new reader (in which case—welcome!). We’ll go through each of the twelve games on the schedule and predict how the Bears will fare. Predicting a win or a loss is boring, so we want you to give us the chance that the Bears will win. We’ll do this for every single game on the schedule. If you think we have a 99% chance of beating Sacramento State, put 99 in the form for that game. If you’re terrified of facing Troy Taylor’s fearsome Hornets and think we only have a 25% chance of winning, put 25 in the form for that game. And so on.

Go here to fill out your predictions:

If you want to get a projected number of wins, take the total of all the predictions you provided and divide that sum by 100.

Thanks for participating and Go Bears! Submit your predictions by Sunday, August 29th and we’ll post the results in the week of the Nevada game.